Remote Control Grandpa: SPECIAL EDITION DVD!

This cheeky satire skewers videogamers, slackers, the US Army, judges, cops, German professors, grandmas, tree-huggers, hippies, and more...and it´s available now!

Get your copy today and enjoy professionally replicated discs, full color 300dpi CMYK case covers, and shrink wrap!


Over 45 minutes of additional features!

  • -Remote Control Grandpa: digitally remastered from a high-definition transfer!
  • -Cast Auditions
  • -Outtakes
  • -Rehearsals
  • -Deleted Scenes
  • -Trailers
  • -Behind-the-Scenes Footage
  • -Lighting Tests
  • -Feature-length Producer/Director Commentary
    • with Rick St. Charles, Lisa Monet, & Matt St. Charles
  • -Feature-length Actor Commentary
    • with heartthrob Brennan Burke-Martin & rockstar Wesley Abels!
    • -The final draft of the screenplay in .pdf format
    • -Storyboards
    • -Cast & Crew photos taken during the filming
  • -Two award-winning short films:
    • -In the Dark - "The Nuclear Vacuum" (Pilot Episode)
    • -Enjoying Christmas: An Educational Series for Juvenile Delinquents




"Matt St. Charles makes his feature directorial debut with this film

and has done a very solid job. 8/10"

-Jeremy Hanke, MicroFilmmaker Magazine


"An inventive, entertaining, and surprisingly timely piece of digital filmmaking... with its focused storytelling, great performances, and impressive camera work, ...Remote Control Grandpa could easily find massive fans with its well-played humor."

-Ross Frasier, Northern Lights


"Phenomenal... wonderful... better start working on the sequel!"

-John Kenchenten, Kanda Films


"The film was just incredible.  Just incredible."

-Ross Rowley, Eureka Television Group


"Highly entertaining... I roared with laughter!"

-Angeline Pike, Creative Film Society


"A brilliant piece of work."

-Beti Trauth, Humboldt Beacon

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