Matt has been making movies for fun since 1991, and for money since 2002. It wasn't until the summer of 2005 when it occurred to him to combine the two motives.

He has been deliriously happy ever since.


Principal photography for RCG began in December of 2005. Figuring the Circle Sound team would be content to shoot only on weekends, Matt continued his full-time employment at a local production house. But "weekends" quickly became "nights and weekends". After two grueling weeks of shooting with minimal sleep and an exhausted adrenal gland, Matt gave his two weeks so he could focus his energy for RCG into a laser beam of efficiency. Minimal injuries resulted.


Evidence of his work may be seen at his site,




Rick has been making comical movies since he was 15, back when you actually had to shell out some bucks for the film- forcing one to create something decent. Two of his shorts, Black and White in Color and Mutations of the Fruit Fly, were distributed by the Creative Film Society. 


A staff writer for the hit TV soapcom Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman and a freelance writer for Benson, he moved to Humboldt County in 1982 and began a 23-year career producing and starring in comedic award-winning radio and TV ads and PSA's, many of them featuring his wife Lisa Monet and their children, Matt and Genny, who were happy to work for free so they could pad their resumes. And now look at them. They should've taken the money.




When Lisa's not busy producing, acting or whipping up a feast, she's writing- music that is! And then she sings and plays guitar! And records her songs to compile another album to sell locally and online at her site,


Billboard magazine hailed her as one of the top five women performers of children's music in the 90's. She has performed leading roles in theatre productions, including The Fantastiks, Dames at Sea, Fiddler on the Roof, and Side by Side by Sondheim.




Brad "The Braduate" Goodwin graduated with a degree in film from California State University at Northridge, Rick's alma mater. Coincidentally, the two grew up within a few miles of each other but didn't meet until years later in Humboldt County, where they both worked as writer/producer/directors at KVIQ, the CBS affiliate in Eureka, California. They immediately discovered they had a natural chemistry when it came to writing comedy, and an uncanny knack for napping. Brad has cameos as the Army Camera Guy in the movie, a fitting role for reasons we will not disclose at this time. (Mostly because he was the one to point out that "cameo" and "camera" are almost the same word.  But also for napping when the good roles were being handed out.)




Brennan has been an aspiring actor since he was 2 years old, when a sweaty Schwarzenegger fell into a crevice in Conan the Barbarian. "Lawl!" Brennan said, imitating his new hero. The audience was floored. And the rest is history.


Brennan has worked with Rick several times in his commercials.

He is currently involved in the Spare Change youth troupe, and has dreams of local coverage for the iPhone.




Wes has been making movies with Matt ever since he agreed to cut his hair on a strict annual basis. "It's better that way," Matt said, "trust me."

And trust Wes did.

But that was back when movies were being made for fun. As soon as Matt gave in to the temptations of money, Wes vowed he would never sell out. An epic battle erupted, and unfortunately for everyone, the camera was not rolling. Once the dust settled however, a truce was formed... A truce... named Spencer.

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